Hi there!

I’m Maureen, a PR grad with 10+ years in office management. I founded Single Moms Indonesia, a non-profit for single mothers. I’m a Facebook Certified Community Manager, among the first 100 to receive the certification, and helped create the program with their team.

In 2018, Facebook recognized me as one of the 115 most inspiring community leaders globally. I joined The Facebook Community Leadership Program, which equipped me with knowledge, skills, tools, funding, and support to promote a positive and lasting impact for Single Moms Indonesia.

I’m a mother to a teenage son who loves the beach, traveling, and hanging out with friends and families. 

My Passions

As an empathic person, I am deeply passionate about women empowerment in general and single moms empowerment specifically.

I believe women have a true power within themselves to be unlocked and unleashed to create the life they envisioned.

My other passions include the social impact causes, and advocating for those who are marginalized in communities. 

I love writing, personal development, community services, and social media.

Being a single mom for 16 years now and running Single Moms Indonesia for 9 years, I’ve learned a lot of tips and tricks to survive as a single mother yet I’m still learning and wish to continuously thrive, and become the woman I was meant to be in this lifetime.

My passion is to help as many single moms as I can by assisting them in making peace with their past, embracing their current conditions, and regaining their hope to elevate their lives. Therefore allowing them to see their potential and how powerful it is to become a strong woman.