A Boy And His Little Faith

Who knew wedding can bring so much aftermath effects? I still owe a blog post about how the big fat Indonesian wedding of my brother went.

The whole wedding affected even the youngest member of my family…

My boy.

My sweet sensitive boy.

The Boyfriend Mystery


Mommy, where’s your boyfriend?” Asked the boy casually one afternoon after the wedding. Lego sprawled on the coffee table, him squatting next to it building something.

I don’t have a boyfriend, Pumpkin.” I lift my head off of the latest Oxygen magazine to look at this boy.

Okay…” he continues with his legos and dropped the subject.

I too brushed it off.

Until Sunday morning.

After helping him out of his pajamas on a lazy Sunday morning, the boyfriend question returned! “Mommy, why don’t you have a boyfriend?

This time the look in his eyes pierced me straight through the heart.

I just don’t, Baby…” I squeezed the mosquito repellent tube and lather his skinny leg.

Uncle Egy is married to Auntie Cheli, Daddy has Auntie now. What about you Mommy?” Tears were brewing in his eyes. My boy, my sweet caring child! He shouldn’t be worrying about his mother!

I am at lost for words.

I will be your boyfriend!” he exclaimed, this time tears flowing and my heart cracked.

No, you are Mommy’s son…you can’t be my boyfriend but you will always be mommy’s love.

We hugged…and I told him how much he meant to me.

My heart was heavy all day.

Did I look unhappy? No, I think I’m doing pretty awesome. Yes, I haven’t date in forever but it’s not like I just mope and complaints all day for the lack of love stories in my life.

Work has kept me busy, the wedding, Christmas…

I didn’t even think about it – well not until I cried on my brother’s wedding day – but that’s for another post.

It must be the wedding! Yes, final conclusion.

He saw his uncle got married, he saw another uncle danced with his girlfriend. Mommy? Alone laughing and taking pictures.

I tweeted about that and one of my dearest friends message me right away. We talked about it. She was the light in my cloudy gray dark Sunday!

Tell him that God is preparing you and him right now…he doesn’t understand it and need your guidance,” she said.

And I wiped my own tears because I didn’t even think of such smart answer like that. The questions, the sadness in my boy’s eyes caught me off guard.

Faith of A Child


That Sunday night before bedtime, after saying his bedtime prayer. I pulled him close in my arms. Gently kissed his curly head.

You want to know why Mommy doesn’t have a boyfriend right now, Pumpkin?” I asked softly.

Yes, why Mommy?

Because God is preparing him for us. Because God wants us to have the best man to be with Mommy and to love you too.” I let go of him so I could see into his eyes hoping he would understand.

He will love me too?” his eyebrows raised.

Of course he will! He will play with you, talk with you and even help you with homework.

Okay! Does he have iPad 2?” I raised one eyebrow, with a smile on my face.

Maybe he will!” And I just laugh at that. His eyes lit up and he quickly sat up.

I have to ask Jesus!

Seeing him, hearing him praying wholeheartedly “Jesus, please give Mommy a good boyfriend with iPad 2. Amen!” brought me to tears that I quickly wiped away. Not wanting him to see me cry.

Oh, bless you, my sweet dear boy.

Thank you, Pumpkin for your prayer. That was really really sweet! Don’t worry about Mommy ok? I’m fine! We are more than fine.” I can’t help but giving him lots of kisses and he laughed in my arms as I sneaked a little bit on his cheek.

Of all my imperfections in being a mother, I must’ve done something right to have such a sweet caring little man in my life. May the good Lord hears and answered his prayers.

Happy New Year, everyone! May 2013 bring you plenty of joy and happiness.

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25 thoughts on “A Boy And His Little Faith

  1. Ana Gaby Reply

    This is so sweet! He’s such an amazing little boy. God has amazing plans for you guys, and who knows they might even include an Ipad 3?

    • Mo Post authorReply

      Amen! Thanks, Ana he really is surprise me so very often with how sweet and thoughtful he is šŸ™‚ I am blessed, we are blessed for sure.

  2. Andrea Reply

    What a sweet boy you have. I love that he asked for someone with an iPad 2. He obviously learned that God wants us to be specific with our prayers. šŸ™‚ You are blessed!!

    • Mo Post authorReply

      Thank you so much, Andrea! Yes, he never cease to stop impressing me and he has taught me so much. Very true on how God wants us to be specific. I love how his tiny little faith is so clear and vivid. A beautiful reminder how I should keep mind that way too šŸ˜€

  3. smallbubbles Reply

    Hi Maureen, I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time. I just felt like I have to comment on this one, as this damn near brought tears to my eyes. You have such an empathetic, caring little guy and I too believe that you and him are being prepped for the right one to come along. You definitely deserve the best, I admire you for your strength and perseverance. Your writing has brought so many insights to me, so often.

    Happy New Years!

    • Mo Post authorReply

      Hi Wulan,
      Thanks for taking the time to commented on this post and for reading my blog šŸ™‚
      Thank you for your kind words, it’s words like yours, coming from perfect strangers that really lift me up when I feel low because I really am blessed with a grand life. It may not be perfect but it is full of things that makes me happy and content.

      Happy New Year to you and your family too šŸ™‚

  4. Bicultural Mama Reply

    What a wonderful, sweet, caring son you have. His innocence is touching and you gave a good response. It made me laugh that he wanted to make sure the new boyfriend had an iPad2!

    • Mo Post authorReply

      Thank you Maria. Oh that boy and iPad! We don’t have iPad2 so every time someone come to our place with one, he will get soooo engrossed with it, you will have to peel him away lol.

  5. Dhi Reply

    this post put me in tears. Not only you’ve raised a beautiful boy, you’ve come along way to become a strong woman and my INSPIRATIONS. Thanks Maureen.

    • Mo Post authorReply

      Awww THANK YOU Dhi!
      I am so lucky to have such a sweet caring little boy.
      Kisses for Bri from us.

  6. emmy Reply

    Oyen I cant help myself when I read this blog from crying. It broke my heart heard all his questions , he is so mature for his ages dear.
    Yes Jesus has a Great Man for your mommy and you my sweet Alex and I guarantee you he has Ipad 2.

    • Mo Post authorReply

      He is so much more mature, Em and I sometimes feel guilty that he have to be and try to protect his innocence but all I could do is pray that God will take care of him. That he won’t have to loose the joy of his childhood ever.
      Amen, dear. Thanks for your kind words and for your never ending support.

  7. Mama Cassie Reply

    That is so incredibly sweet. I love the way you explained to him that God was preparing your boyfriend for you. šŸ™‚ you’re a great mommy and moments like this prove that you’re definitely doing something right šŸ˜‰

    • Mo Post authorReply

      Thank you, my friend. I was so blown away and it was actually my friend who is still single that came up with that answer. Imagine that?

  8. Mayura Reply

    Hey Mo,

    What a sweet boy to fill your life with love and moments of wonders šŸ™‚ The story is very touching and you are really fortunate enough to have such a son and smart friends. What goes around comes around šŸ™‚ Inspiring indeed to embrace by many people.

    “Does he have iPad 2?” šŸ˜‰ I can’t comment no more now šŸ˜€ lol…


    • Mo Post authorReply

      Thank you, Mayura. I am so lucky indeed and life never gets boring with a sweet and funny boy like my son lol

  9. JanBierens Reply

    It’s absolutely amazing what ‘simple’ solutions have to all the worlds problems. He is a sweetie, your boy. You better be proud of him, Maureen…

    • Mo Post authorReply

      LOL You are always the funny man, Jan!
      You betcha I’m so darn proud of him šŸ˜‰
      Thanks, my friend!

    • Mo Post authorReply

      Thank you Jill, I wish I could’ve come back with such a thoughtful answer right away šŸ˜€

  10. Nami Reply

    A boyfriend with an iPad 2 – who can argue with that? You are blessed, my friend – and Happy New Year!

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