One Day She Will

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It’s another gorgeous day… She would be lying in a hammock sipping frozen margarita that she let sits quietly on a table nearby, while gentle wind caresses her face…the sky so blue and clear. Problems would be left miles away. Worries would be tucked in a double padlocked trunk.

A little boy would be playing happily building a sand castle. The sun kissing his face beautifully, his curly hair shines and glistens in that dark chestnut brown color. Once in a while, he would call out to her “Mommy…look!” and proudly shows off his masterpiece of a sand castle. A faithful dog resting in under the shade, lazily enjoying life.

Her fingers would be dancing following strokes on the keyboards, molding beautiful words that move souls. It would grab people by their collar; tie them down to read the story until the very last dot. Take them places; paint them images so vividly they could touch it. Entice them with feelings, tears even.

Inside their little place, the walls would bear witness of their journeys…of places, they have seen. Captured, frozen in times and framed by passions. Faces, familiar or not will tell their own stories through windows of their soul. In colors or monochrome…the chronicles are there.

Shelves will be covered with books. Glorious books and she would have all the time to savors the words, the feelings of real papers between her fingers, the smell of books could transport her to far far away land. The little boy would have his own mini library in his room as he shares the love of words as his mother thirst for them.

After the sun has rested, after she tucked the boy in, hugs and kisses abound. She’d turn some music low…she’d curl up in her favorite chair, looking out the window she’d see a blanket of stars and close her eyes. Gratitude, strong as waves washes over her soul transporting her to her peaceful inner self. A place where there is no more sorrow, no more pain. Thankful for all the blessings big, small, little, unexpected ones…even thankful for the long winding roads that lead her to where she is now. Then as she opened her eyes she realized that place is right there, no longer an imaginary spot hidden inside her heart where she used to withdraw and hide. She is finally home at last.

Clicking sound by the door made her turned her head around and she got up.

Their gaze met; locking in deeply…they stood there for a minute. Her smile drew; her eyes soften as he took her in, all of her into his embrace with just a stare, the twinkle in his eyes says more than words could express. Without a touch, he has held her tighter than anyone she could ever imagine. Her heart overflows with gratitude as she has indeed come so far…and then her smile widen.

She opened her eyes and she’s still in that bed that’s been theirs for nearly 2 years now, still in the room that belongs to her parents. Her curly hair boy still snuggled so close to her. She can smell him, she kissed him softly. For tomorrow she must wake up very early and start the day as she usually does.

A dream…

It’s just part of her dreamy rose-tinted-glasses imagination but she is living, she is healing, she is learning, she is finding her happy place and most importantly she is moving on…

That click by the door might come sooner or later or even never at all…She just had come to terms that with or without that guy life must go on, right? What matters most is for her to heal first.

So yeah, living is what I’m gonna do and find my own true happiness – from within. One day she will make it…somehow…

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1 thought on “One Day She Will

  1. Juragan Sambel Reply

    Agreed.. there’s always an end in every story. It might take long time & lots of crying but those things would make you tougher & different person (in a good way). So Oyen my dear… hang in there, keep doing what you’re doing now & always have FAITH 🙂

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