Wisdom Beyond His Years

He is your son…he can sense your feelings…

That’s what my mother told me some months ago and I believe her.

How can a boy who is not even 4 years old, who depends on me to get him his juice, to give him his bath, to feed him, to clothe him and to cuddle him before bed finds the wisdom beyond his years? It is truly astonishing.

Our children picked up on our vibes, I’ve read and heard about it but nothing prepared me for what this boy had given me. They will know if you’re troubled. They can sense these things although they may not fully comprehend the truth or the extents of whatever weighing you down.

So when this little boy wiped my tears and said “Smile Mommy…don’t cry” he grinned showing me how to smile then proceed to give a hug that engulfed me with so much love, I feel like it is me who depends on him.

As much as I try to stay strong for his sake he just knows it…he is part of me, my blood runs inside him.

Don’t cry Mommy…” he said with a smile

And why did it only made me cry even more?

Holding him there I tried to pick myself up, tried to absorb the strength from a little boy. It doesn’t seem fair! I should be his Mommy…it is my duty to wipe his tears, kiss his boo-boo not the other way around.

Yet he does…he kissed my boo-boo. He wiped my tears. He made it all worthwhile.

Thank you, pumpkin! You really are a God’s sent.

If only I’m not such a crybaby Mommy.

With this post, I’m letting you know that I had decided to take a short break from blogging so please do excuse my absences on your blogs. Won’t take too long but right now I just need to sort some things. See you when I get back! 🙂

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39 thoughts on “Wisdom Beyond His Years

  1. Maryline Reply

    Maureen, my heart breaks for you, I hope it won’t be long until you return.
    Take the time you need to make whatever troubles you come first, and as you said, “sort things out”.

    Best of luck to you & Lil’A, be strong!!!!

    I already miss you, take good care of yourself, and see you soon…

    Your friend,

  2. Alexandra Reply

    I can feel that you need to do this. I heard from Maryline. I’ve RT’d this post. I’ll miss your special perspective, and your vulnerable and open way of posting.

    You are a unique voice in the blog world, and I regret not having known you long enough. But, at least, I did get to relish your posts for awhile.

    Good luck, and I wish you peace.

  3. Pop Reply

    Maureen, enjoy your time off. Your son is such an incredible blessing – looks AND wisdom; he’s gonna break some hearts! Enjoy every moment you have with him, b/c as you so eloquently put in your post, kids are often the ones teaching us parents what compassion and love are.

  4. Justine Reply

    It seems like I just started getting to know you! Well, take all the time you need and I’m sure we’ll all be here waiting for you to get back. Yes, our kids do sense our troubles. Even at 21 months, my daughter knows the moment my voice falters. While she can’t say much to quell my troubles, her tentative, worried “Mommy?” is enough for me to know that I need to be strong for her. At least for a little while until she gets distracted by a toy 🙂

  5. Katie Reply

    Take all the time you need, girl! Sometimes we just need to live “unplugged” for awhile.


  6. Pumpkin and Piglet Reply

    Take all the time you need my friend, sometimes the only way to sort things out is to focus on the real world. We’ll still be here when you get back. Take care, will be thinking of you xx

  7. Booyah's Momma Reply

    What a sweet little man you have. Will miss your posts, but taking care of yourself is definitely those most important! Take care…

  8. Alicia Reply

    Girl, this post brought tears to my eyes. And know that my thoughts are with you. I’m here if you need anything.

  9. tere616 Reply

    Hi Yen, I just started to come back to blogging world again and I was sad when I read this post.

    But I know that you need a lil short break. Take care .. be strong .. and remember, when you get back, I’m still here waiting for your post 🙂

  10. wien Reply

    Wonderful post Reen, will be waiting for your next post. Come back when you truly feel refresh to blog again !:)

  11. MamaOnDaGo Reply

    I’ve missed you & your blog. I had not idea until I dropped by to see if you’ve had any new posts. I hope this time away will provide you the peace you need to work things out.

  12. Kerry Reply

    aww Maureen! hugs! what a sweet, sweet boy you have. Kids are amazing and our rocks. I hope everything is okay! xoxo

  13. Diny Reply

    Yen, they were in our wombs for about 9 months. You’re the closest thing to them even after they enter the world, especially when you breastfed them even only for a short while. Yes they can feel what you’re feeling; even whne words weren’t said. Life’s such a roller coaster of emotions. Nobody’s perfect. We’ll still be here when you’re ready to come back {{{hugs}}}.

  14. Nami Reply

    When my sister died, her daughter was eight and her son was five. After their father broke the news that “mommy wasn’t coming home,” her son – my nephew – ran into the other room and came back with some paper and crayons and asked us to draw the pain. Children always have a certain resilience that puts reality into perspective. Accept it and go on. May you find your peace…

  15. Natalie Reply

    Take all the time you need, I’ll be thinking about you! And just know we’ll all be here ready to say “welcome back!” when you’re ready 🙂

  16. Andree Reply

    Dear Maureen,

    I hope you are OK?!

    Sorry, I’ve not been “around” – I’m in a slump (due to moving around from country to country and house to house, and who know what else) – energy is low and I feel blah…..

    Anyway, enough of me — I just wanted to send a big “HI!” and a smile : – )

    Take a rest and take care of yourself,

  17. Jakartass Reply

    As promised, Maureen, you’re acknowledged in CS-Jkt.

    You’re a good lady so I hope things work out happily for you.

  18. Kelly Reply

    Hi Maureen-

    I hope this note finds you well and in better spirits. Looking forward to hearing your “voice” again…whenever that time may be.

    My best to you-

  19. Kate Reply

    Maureen! I miss you! I hope that everything is going okay for you & Lil’A! I can’t wait for when you come back, but understand why you’re gone!

    Much love to you!!!

  20. Verena Reply

    Your little man so cute. (What a great picture of him!) I understand what your are talking about. Kids are often at a young age so mature and understanding. I enjoy the love of my kids so much. I really hope you are alright! I´m thinking of you!
    Many hug´s,

  21. Maria Reply


    I’ve been taking a break from the connected world as well, didn’t know that you are taking a break too. I hope you get to sort things out well, I don’t know your specific, but for me I find the time to sort things out is one of the most stressful time, but that’s just me. Best wishes with everything.

    Take care,

  22. MommaKiss Reply

    Been a while since I’ve visited – and…sigh…this is a beautiful post. Reminds me of my child, when I was dealing with hard core post partum…he was just 2 and I spent days in my own little hell. They do know – and so I’m glad you’re taking your time. Take all the time you need.

  23. ElizOF Reply

    This is a beautiful post and your little one looks so handsome… I was thinking about you and wondering how you and the little one are doing? I hope you are well and that you will soon end your blogging hiatus and come back to the blogosphere. Sending you and yours light and love.

  24. Kimberly Reply

    My thoughts are with you; thank you for sharing this moment with us. I went through a divorce nearly 10 years ago and I came out on the other side stronger and happier for the experience. Marriage and the divorce made me a much better person; it was hard to imagine that to be the case at the time, but years later I can look back with appreciation.

    Have a blessed day!

  25. Maureen Post authorReply

    Thank you guys so much for your kind comforting words. Really, I wish I could reach in and give each one of you a hug to say thank you.

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