The Poet, The Joker, The Smarty-Pants & The NatGeo Junky

Being a mother to 5 years old boy surely has been interesting and fun so far.

My Boy The Poet

Who knew turning 5 will bring out the hidden poet inside my boy. Every night now before bed he would come up with the sweetest words when we cuddle that just makes my heart swollen with love.

I will give you a hundred, thousand, million hearts, Mommy

I love you so much, Mommy. Ever after!” add a big squishy hug and kisses then you can see me melting in those little hands.

First of all, I have no idea where he picked up the Ever After line. Could it be Happily Ever After? Doesn’t really matter where it came from does it?

Mommy, I love you to the stars of forever!

I swear sometimes he just sees right through me especially when I’m feeling rotten inside and with just a few lines and lots of kisses from him my boo-boo has been kissed.

Meet The Joker

Oh he can be quite a joker too and it goes something like this:

Boy: “I will give Mommy so much money.”

Mommy: “Aww…that’s very sweet of you but you don’t need to do that, okay?

Boy: “Yes, so Mommy can buy me lots of toys!

Not quite a poet there huh?

Meet Mr. Smarty-Pants

This conversation happened a couple of days ago:

Me: “Alex, it’s bed time.

Boy: “Ooh maan!

Me: “Don’t oh man me.”

Boy: “What is don’t oh man me, Mommy?

Me: “Don’t say oh man me to Mommy.”

He turned to the wall his back facing me then sighing loudly “Ooh maaaan!” then he turned around “See, Mommy I said it to the wall!

This is a piece of conversation we had last night – setting as usual before bed.

Me: “I love you, Pumpkin…

Boy: “Why do you call me Pumpkin, Mommy?”  (believe me I tried to stop calling him this!)

Me: “Because when you were a baby you were as cute as a little pumpkin.

Boy: “Oh, just like the pumpkin at the store!” (we went groceries shopping earlier and he actually asked if he could get a small pumpkin)

Me: “Yes, something like that.” Boy was silent so I proceeded “I love you, Baby

Boy: “Mommy, I am not a baby anymore!

Mommy: “Okay then, I love you Alexander!

The NatGeo Junky

A has been into NatGeo channel since before he turned 4 and this continues in his 5 years old stage. He loves Discovery Channels too and some Animal Planet which I’d rather let him watch than the Cartoon Network. (FYI, we don’t have Nick Jr. Channel here in Jakarta *insert sad face*)

Being 5 also opened up the door to a super curiosity level that sometimes Mommy just can’t keep up with all his questions.

He would ask so many questions that watching TV with him now is hard. I know, I know, I should be thankful that this boy is eager to learn, trying to understand how things work.  But man, sometimes I just want to watch TV quietly. Hah!

All in all, being 5 is pretty awesome.

If your child is 5 years old what changes do you see in them? Oh and how do you curb the “Whys, hows?” do you explain things thoroughly?

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6 thoughts on “The Poet, The Joker, The Smarty-Pants & The NatGeo Junky

  1. Saundra Rohn Reply

    Wonderful changes going on and always answer the whys and hows until you see the satisfaction on his face, no more and no less. So glad my grandson voices his love for his mommy. ♥
    Love you♥

  2. jenn Reply

    My son is five and I think he says the most amazing things! Kids are wonderful. I do try to explain things thorougly as much as possible but sometimes all the questions can become frustrating, especially when I’m just trying to make it through a trip to the grocery store and he asks me questions about each and every thing he sees. (Big Sigh) Still, I wouldn’t trade him for all the peaceful moments in the world. 🙂

  3. Martha aka Momsoap Reply

    My daughter is only 3, but she is already surprising me and challenging me every step of the way! What a sweet post. He’s beautiful. And sounds pretty smart too. 🙂

  4. Nami Reply

    Oh my God. He’s such a big boy now – I can’t believe the change! Ha, ha…why do you call me pumpkin? That’s so sweet. As sweet as the poetry. Believe it or not, my boys have recently become hooked on “So You Think You Can Dance” – guess they find it more interesting than the news.

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