5 Tips For Single Moms Dealing With Holiday Blues

5 Tips For Single Moms Dealing With Holiday Blues

It is that time of the year where it should be joyful and jolly.

For many single moms, the holiday season is not a merry time of year. Going to holiday events alone or with children but without your significant other can be really hard especially for those newly separated or divorced.

I have been there before where I dreaded family Christmas gathering because I knew my relatives would be asking me a ton of questions.

Here are 5 tips that hopefully can help you cope with holiday blues:

  1. Acknowledge Your Feelings.

It is perfectly normal to feel how you feel. Please don’t deny it and do not beat yourself for feeling sad or lonely. Honor your feelings and don’t force yourself to be happy just because that’s what is expected of you. You don’t have to pretend! If you want to cry then by all means, cry it out!

  1. Try Something New

See a new class at your gym that you never try before or was too intimidated to try? Then it is time to give it a shot. Find something new that will take your minds off of the holidays. Allowing yourself to experience something you’ve always wanted to do can be a small, yet powerful way of validating your own identity and celebrating your unique self during the holiday season.

  1. Take Care of You

Yes you, the amazing single mom who has done so much for your children. If you are alone this holiday while the children are with their father, then you can use the solitude to meditate, to read, to write…do whatever that nurture your heart and soul. Ask yourself what do you need to make yourself feel better? Do you need to schedule a catch up with an old friend? Do you need to enjoy a good cup of coffee alone?

  1. Create New Traditions

This was important for me personally as it creates a new sense of belonging, a new tradition with my son that is truly ours. Find something new for you and your children. It can be as simple as picking up a specific new ornament for your tree that signifies how the year has been for them to baking Christmas cookies together.

  1. Give To Others

Donate to the local orphanage houses. Help raise money for social cause that you support. Clean up your children’s old clothes or toys and donate them. Involve your children too to let them know that there are others who are less fortunate in this holiday seasons.

Additional point, join a support group where you can relate to other single parents and gain insights from those who has been doing this longer than you. If you are Indonesians, feel free to join our small circle of support group on Facebook.

Single Moms Indonesia

Do you have any other tips to add to help single mom/parent to cope with holiday blues?

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