My Sensitive Child

When he was a baby, he would cry if someone tried to hold him and it’s not me, his father or his half brothers. I just thought it’s because we doesn’t socialize much. Living in a really small town, being far from both sides of the families I thought that’s what causing it.

When he was over a year old, the tantrums, the tears, I thought it was just a prelude to the famous terrible two phase.

It wasn’t easy.

When he was three years old, I thought we were out of the wood! Well, not quite. Not quite!

Yet he outgrew that full blown out meltdown period.

My child, my deeply sensitive child will be six years old soon and he still shed a lot of tears. He is still shy in new surroundings. I love him for the way he is wholeheartedly but this mama could really use some tips on how to deal with this especially with elementary school coming up next year.

Honestly, it is my fears that he will be bully in school because of this.

So help us God.

I’m at World Moms Blog today talking about this. Do you have any tips on how to deal with as shy/sensitive child? Do come and share there.

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