Baby Sister VS Computer Virus

Somewhere between making some petty cash reconciliation reports, between booking international flights from a small island in Papua New Guinea to Cairns, Australia, arranging drivers, booking domestic flights…my phone beep.

A message from my mother.

Yen, Mama lagi ke RS Husada, Mangga Besar. Liat anaknya Opa Jemmy meninggal.” (Yen, I’m on my way to a hospital. Grandpa Jemmy’s child passed away.)

My finger froze reading that.

I message her back asking whom? I remember my Grandpa only have two children left.


My heart cracked. I knew he’s been having health problem, Marchel – who is technically my uncle – but he’s way too young. He’s a lot younger than me!

Gone too soon.

Because the nanny is still out sick – she’s on her third day of being sick –  my next questions to my mother was about A. He’s in school and if no one is home…

I couldn’t reach the nanny on her phone, I was going to ask if she could just come in until my parents come home.

No other option, I have to leave work early.

I’m not too happy about it because I have so much things to finish at work but I must be there when A get drop off from school.

Lucky me, my bosses are pretty lenient about this kinds of ‘emergency’.  So I packed up and left just five minutes before lunch break.

I did make it home on time before this curly haired boy. The car honked when it reached our place so I rushed outside to open the gate. Love how they don’t just drop him off but waited until someone come out.

Mommy!!!!” that face just lit up and my heart puff with so much love.

Seeing that…hearing how excited he is.

I forgot about the piles of stuffs still needed to be finished at work. I just want to hold him close! I miss this not-so-little-guy of mine.

He ran passed me going back into the house while telling me he’s thirsty. He’s sweaty, sticky…he’s a boy! My curly haired boy.

We sat down together for lunch.

I asked about his school.

I practiced dancing today!” had to coax him to wait until he’s done with lunch before he shows me the moves.

He looks all grown up sitting there across from me eating his lunch.

Out of the blue he asked: “Mommy, do I have a baby sister, yes or no?

No, baby you don’t have a sister. Why?

I want to go buy a baby sister then.

Had to put a straight face so I don’t laugh at his innocence statement.

We can’t buy sister a the store.

Maybe they have a robot sister, no?” He was being dead serious and I was glad I didn’t chuckle.

Uhm…I don’t think they sell that too, Pumpkin.

Okay then…Mommy can have a baby sister on your tummy? Like Tante did?” (Tante means Auntie and he knew his father’s wife had a baby).

Well, maybe one day?

I have a brother…” the dots were the name of his half baby brother.

Yes. I know you do and you are a good brother.

I remember that picture his father sent me of A pushing his little baby brother in a swing. So cute!

Mommy, if a computer gets a virus…” And I raised my eyebrow wondering whose kid is this talking?!

And just like that our lunch conversations went from baby sister to computer virus.

This boy never ceases to amaze me. Never a dull moment with him and I love this. Amazing how a tragedy like the passing of my uncle actually gave me a ‘bonus’ day to spend with this cheeky monkey.


The good news is A will be so happy and surprised you’re there to see him…

Someone very special told me that when I vented out about the nanny not coming in again. Oh the nanny…she’s been giving me headaches lately – maybe another blog post for that!

And he was right!

A is very happy to see his mother home early and even let me kiss him oh so plenty today.

PS: My deepest condolences to the whole Mangundap family.

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4 thoughts on “Baby Sister VS Computer Virus

  1. Saundra Rohn Reply

    How sad I am for your families lose❤sending heartfelt sympathy.
    My grandson is getting wiser by the day

  2. Andrea Reply

    So sorry for your family’s loss. Your son is absolutely beautiful. Love the pictures of him and you together.

  3. Bicultural Mama Reply

    So sorry for your family’s loss. It’s never easy. I do love the story of your conversation with A. I love the innocence of his questions and how kids can just go from one topic to the other suddenly. That’s just kids!

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