Chasing Away Bad Dreams

Sweet Dreams, Pumpkin!

So last night while lying in bed with Lil’ A he said something that totally blew me away (oh and he have said a lot of things that blew me away lately!)

Mommy, A had a bad dream last night!” this coming from my 3 years old mouth and it stunned me not only that he said it in a full sentence but then he was able to describe the dream “A was in a train and the train sinking, Mommy”.

Okay, maybe he had watched too many Polar Express and yes, he is train-crazed but had moved on from Thomas to just everyday trains (and planes!) and there was a scene where the train almost sinks in a frozen lake.

This is the first time he had describe a dream and I am taken by it.

My only answer to him was “It’s okay, pumpkin…bad dreams are not real they are just stories of your sleep, sometimes you will get  good dreams, sometimes you will have bad dreams.” As I can’t think of any better answer then I pulled him into my arms holding him and planted a kiss (or two!) while he nestled his curly head on my collar bone.

Aaah….if only Mommy can protect you in your dreams too.

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20 thoughts on “Chasing Away Bad Dreams

  1. Caity Reply

    Aww the poor thing. I am sorry he had a bad dream! It sounds like you explained it well! And mommy will always be there to comfort him when he has a bad dream, too. 🙂

    I still haven’t seen Polar Express. I hear it’s a good movie, though.

    • Maureen Reply

      Thanks Caity, the movie is actually pretty good and the message is great I think it can be a little creepy for the little ones and I am guilty for allowing my son to watch it but he just loves that movie especially the thrilling parts 😀

  2. Samantha Reply

    Aww, it’s too bad about his bad dream, but he seems to have handled it very well. It’s amazing that he could describe it to you! Bright little minds never cease to amaze me. 🙂

    • Maureen Reply

      Hi Samantha, thanks for the visit. He is amazes me all the time but then again I’m biased since I am his mother hahaha.

    • Maureen Reply

      So true…if only Mommy can bring a big bat to chase the bad dreams away. Thank you for stopping by and your sweet comment 🙂

  3. Kate Reply

    This is such a sweet picture! And such a sweet post! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m a new follower over here, you’re pictures are beautiful!!!

  4. Cranky Sarah Reply

    It’s always amazing when they remember things that you don’t expect them to. Too bad it had to be a bad dream. Hope those are few and far between.
    Thanks for visiting me!

    • Maureen Reply

      Thanks for the visit back, Sarah 🙂
      I know he remembers a lot of stuffs now and it is to be expected but still surprising sometimes.

  5. Heidi Reply

    Beautifully written, Yen. Lil A is so eloquent:) Maybe he’ll grow up becoming a writer like his mommy..hehe

  6. Carolyn (The Grown Up Child) Reply

    I hate dealing with these things. My son has nightmares sometimes and he tells us about it and comes into bed with us after. My daughter though, who’s 18m old will start crying at night and yelling ‘No! No!’ Breaks my heart.

    Your blog is absolutely gorgeous by the way!

    • Maureen Reply

      Awww…it’s harder for the little ones especially if they can’t explain it yet 🙁 I hope your son & daughter won’t have as much bad dreams. Mine always talks in his sleep and it’s just funny sometimes to hear him talks in dual language while sleeping.

      Thank your visit back & kind comment. 🙂

  7. Becca Reply

    When I finally have kids (not in the near future!) I’m going to write all of the cute moments like this down/write their dreams down so they have memories of it when they’re older 🙂

    • Maureen Reply

      Oh you should Becca, I had fell of the band wagon of recording every single milestones since the little boy is able to walk around and causing havoc around the house LOL.

      Thank you for stopping by 😀

  8. kris Reply

    you are so cute tatter. i think that is the perfect explination. i think i will steal it for when its my turn <3

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