I Dreaded Monday

Days of basking in relax moments with my boy is dwindling to an ‘end’ – 1 day left to be exact – ‘end’ of waking up with him curled up in my arms. I will miss kissing him in the mornings and oh the snuggles.

Surely 30 days has flown right by me. Next Monday I would be putting on my skirt and heels (and the rest of course!) returning to work.

There were so much that I wished we could’ve done on my break but seriously the days just flew by way too fast.

What have I done being a full stay at home mom in these past weeks?

Plenty of cuddle-fests, big tight squishy hugs, rough housing, tickle-parties in our bed. It surely felt so damn good!

We may not afford a getaway from the city but we built our very own ‘hotel’ under a spread blanket. We laugh, we giggle. We had our in-house vacation.

Would be really hard for both of us to jump back into the old routine again with me working full time but I realize my responsibility is calling.

I can’t even imagine how my desk would look like! Let’s block that mental image for awhile.

But I hope I would be home before 7:30 just so I can tuck him to bed. Kissing him good night, hearing his sweet little voice saying his bed time prayer. Then to feel him slipping into sweet slumbers.

Outside of the mommyhood-ness I questioned myself what have I done in these past nearly 4 weeks?

I blogged, I tried to picked up where I had left off in the blogsphere. I met and make new connections through Twitter, Triberr and  Just Be Enough. I redesigned Tatter Scoops. My bounce rates went down – thanks heaven! Guest postings, bravely – or stupidly the judges are still out on this one – listed myself as one of the contributor at World Moms Blog.

Had to cancel a long awaited plan – which I can’t write here – left me pretty bummed but hey, shitte happens right?

Going back to work means less time in the blogsphere so please don’t stone me. I truly appreciate y’all (insert thick southern accent here) for reading and commenting. Trying to get back into the old routines of working full time and being a mommy is not easy but I’m trying to juggle it all.

Honestly I do miss working – the satisfaction of getting things done, of being productive, of getting a job done right and to receive the acknowledgement from the bosses – yes even when sometimes my big boss can be a pain he truly gives credits where credits are due. It fuels me up inside. No matter how hectic and crazy it can get. I love being a working mom.

And if I slipped on my duties of visiting, reading and commenting on your blogs, please don’t hate me. I had installed a new app called FiddlerPro on my phone so I hope that will help me – other than clicking through Twitter – to read and commenting.

In the meantime, as I’m typing this I have so many blog post ideas jumbled up in my head. Will spend my weekend writing them as the boy is spending time at his Dad’s so I have the whole weekend committed to just blog away.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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7 thoughts on “I Dreaded Monday

  1. sunithi Reply

    Maureen, have always worked since my oldest turned 1 and most sundays feel a pang at getting back to wk on Monday… but soon your boy will be in school like my two are and then…….there’s that lovely feeling at the end of the work day …. when you get back to yr kids. I always like to pysche myself into feeling … it’s the quality and not the quantity of time we spend with our kids 🙂 All the best at getting back to work …….and enjoy your ” get back to son ” home feeling 🙂

    • Maureen Post authorReply

      Sue, yes coming home after another crazy days at work to lots of hugs and kisses really makes it all worth while, doesn’t? I agree with the quantity times wholeheartedly. 🙂 Thank you so much, my friend!

  2. Elena Reply

    Yeah for cuddle time!!! I hope the re-entry is smooth for you— I know it will be hard. But hopefully it will make those cuddle times even more precious. And also? I am the queen of not reading and commenting lately. xoxo

  3. John Reply

    Hey, I hope it all goes well back at work. I know you’re going to miss your little boy. Just do your best to get home in time to spend some quality time with him. Semoga nggak terlalu macet!!

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