Motherhood a Decade Later

It’s that time of the year when I get fairly sentimental.

My son turned 10 today. Double-digit milestones!


As he enters this new age, it means I’ve been someone’s mother for the past 10 years. A decade seems like a long time yet it seems to be flying by quickly. He grows right in front of my eyes and now he’s almost as tall as me. Those long limbs…he must have got them from his father’s side plus my Ambonese family who are rather tall. That face changes again. The baby-ness is long gone. I still see his growth in wonders with a dab of slight panic that I am not ready to have a tween on my hands!

Hard to believe this boy was once a premature baby, born 5 weeks early than the due date. He was tiny! Now, seems like I couldn’t even get him pants without them hanging too short on his legs within a month or two.

We both have been through so much in this past decade. Our journey hasn’t been always sunshine and rainbows. There were drama, divorce, tragedies, and tears. Through it all, we also have created some really precious memories together. I haven’t exactly been the candidate for best mother of the year but my faith in this lifetime role as a mother got restored every single time my boy hug me. With every snuggle, with every kiss, I can safely say I am not such a bad mom after all.

One of his favorite past times is to see old baby photos and listen to me explain the stories behind them. From his early months of babyhood in Dothan, Alabama to his second birthday party at his Great Grandmother’s home in Fort Pierce, Florida to our short stint of living in Guangzhou, China.

His face would light up whenever I told him how our beloved pug loved him so much when he was a baby. Gosh, how I miss that pug!

New Journey

Our latest adventure has just recently begun: living completely on our own. Yes, we both just moved to our own place last week. My fiancé and I agreed to get this place together as the next step forward. A small place that we could temporarily call home, finally after living with my parents for roughly 8 years. All of us are still adjusting to the new routines, and new environment, and trying to create our own normalities.

Home for my son has been his grandparents’ home, rightfully so since we did move in there when he was only under 3 years old.

It feels so strange to live in an apartment.” He told me last night as he sat eating his dinner.

Do you think you will love it here?

I don’t know yet. I like it but it will take time for me to adjust, Mommy.

I know, it is the same for me too.

So onwards we go on this new chapter of our lives.

Happiest Birthday, my darling Pumpkin!

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8 thoughts on “Motherhood a Decade Later

  1. lisa Reply

    It really is surprising how fast time goes when you have kids. My oldest is 12 and I still remember when she was a little baby. Good luck with your new home! It will be wonderful.

  2. Lisa Favre Reply

    Aww this post really touches my heart as I’ll be expecting my first in 6 weeks. It’s amazing how fast time passes by!

  3. Mimi Green Reply

    Congrats on this new phase of life for the both of you. Happy Birthday to your pre-teen. My son recently turned 12 so I understand how you feel. It seems like yesterday they were tiny babies. Enjoy the adventure, it sounds like your best days are ahead of you.

  4. Marie Kléber Reply

    Your post talked to me a lot Maureen. My little one is only four but in a couple of weeks we will live on our own too, after 4 years living with my parents. It’ll be a big change and I imagine we’ll both need time to adjust to this new phase.
    Being a mother in never easy and we do doubt a lot but as you say it’s when we see our children growing fine and loving that we know we must have done something good after all!

    Wishing you all the best! Take care Maureen.

  5. Teresa Reply

    Time does sort of escape us moms, eh? My son just turned 15 and I literally have not idea how that happened so fast? That means I’m 15 years older too ?!

  6. Christina Aliperti Reply

    I love that this really comes from the heart. My baby boy is now 18 I feel like it was just yesterday that he was born.

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