Single Moms Indonesia – The Power of Community

What do you get when you put single moms together in the same room?

Laughter…lots and lots of laughter oh and some serious singing going on!

That’s what happened last weekend.

The Power of Single Moms Community

Strong Women

It was our second gathering for the small Single Moms Indonesia group that I initiated with a couple of girlfriends. We are going on 27 members as of the moment this post goes live. The members came from different walks of life just the way single motherhood does.

For some of us, the gathering was the first time we met in persons after a few months of communicating online and on the group.

In total there were 9 of us who made it to the gathering. There was no awkward silence or weird conversations. We all came from different backgrounds; different life…yet one thing unites us. We are all single moms.

We had lunch and chat. Yes, there were brief discussions about our exes but they weren’t part of the soul of the group. They were histories we happily put behind us. Sitting there among these strong women the bonding grew thicker. Listening to what some of these ladies have been through, really put things in perspective. We understand the challenges we all are facing on a daily basis, being single moms in a country where we are still being looked down on yet we keep going forward. We keep on keeping strong.

We didn’t spend our time to trade our wounded stories deeply…maybe because some of them had their little ones with them but the whole energy was very positive. Lots of laughter and giggles.

Some of the girls had a makeover by one of our talented members. Amazing what a good colored lipstick can do to your self-esteem, right?

After lunch, we went up to a karaoke place. My first ever karaoke experience. For that one afternoon, we let off steam, we got to laugh, relax, and sing our hearts out to songs that express our feelings. Some of us got to enjoy a little freedom while our children are under someone else’s care for a few hours – like myself, my brother and sister-in-law took my son to a birthday party.

It was a fantastic day well spent!

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When we single moms come together, it’s not just about sad stories it’s also stories about courage, strength, success, and empowerment.

I am so grateful to have met these strong women.

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16 thoughts on “Single Moms Indonesia – The Power of Community

  1. Opi Reply

    We are strong together indeed. Believe it or not, i was all cheered up in the office today. From morning to evening, even my friend asked, “what’s up with you? Something good going on there?”

    Finding people has never felt this good :).

  2. R U S S Reply

    I have so much respect for single moms. It’s not easy fulfilling the roles of both a mother and a father.

    My brother and I were raised by our Mom alone and I’m proud of the work she’s done. I think we turned out pretty ok. It also looks like I take after her – strong, brave, and independent but still full of compassion like most single moms are.

  3. Sarah Reply

    Wow. I salute all the single moms out there. I hope there’s a community for single moms here in Davao too (or maybe I just don’t know about it).

  4. Fernando Lachica Reply

    Single moms incorporated their outlook in life and shared through events. This is great! But in reality, I think, some wants to have new partners in life.

  5. Tamara Reply

    That sound so special. I’m not a single mom but I imagine I’d want to be with other single moms, just sharing experience, laughter and maybe some food and drinks!

  6. Raymond Vasquez Reply

    I may not have the experience to relate, but I guess I know how it is to be with a single mom. My Dad died when I was still in highschool so mom have to support all six of us on her own. Thank God we survived. IT’s a good thing a community like was created in your country. I pray that such group/community would grow and prosper and that the advocacy to empower women (single moms) would also be nurtured and strengthened. God bless you ladies!

  7. Gracielle Reply

    That’s awesome! All moms could use strong community and support during this journey called motherhood 🙂 I’m glad you’re able to connect locally with other single moms. Sounds like a blast!!

  8. Franc Ramon Reply

    Having a single mom community can be a support group. It would be also to nice to share common experience with different moms.

  9. Katrina Centeno Reply

    It is nice to have friends who understand what we went through because they also went through what we have experienced. I salute single moms out there who work hard to look after their children.

  10. Ron Leyba Reply

    It’s hard to be a mom, what more to become a single mom where you act as a father to your child too! Salute to all single moms out there!

  11. Eliz Frank Reply

    I think this is a terrific idea to have a group of moms gather to support each other. I am so proud of you Maureen. You’ve come a long way baby! Awesome!

  12. John Reply

    I am one with you in having a group whether single moms, dads, whatever! I hope many people will be inspired by this kind of initiative.

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