The Joy of Weekend Getaway

The Joy of Weekend Getaway

It’s been ages since the last time I went on a vacation alone with my boy. The last time we traveled together was back in 2009 when we traveled back to visit his grandparents in Florida before we flew to Guangzhou, China to be with his father. A was only 2 years old back then. The majority of the time, since his very first flight at 8 months old we travel together just us except for some family trips here and there.

That’s why when I got the opportunity to take him for a weekend getaway with him I took it.

That’s what we did last weekend. We flew to Bali and stayed at the Novotel Benoa Hotel (review post coming soon). Weeks, before we left, A has been so excited that he started counting the days. It was his first time ever to Bali.

The whole way from the airport my boy has been super excited that he couldn’t stop smiling. Part of me wished I could bottle his excitement and show him when he’s all grown up.

While we waited for our flight, I noticed how tall my boy had gotten. Then it hits me…he is growing up right before my very eyes. Since when have those legs got that long?! There are hardly any traces left of his babyhood.

As a single parent who works full time and lately, I’ve been working late nearly every day – sometimes I didn’t even get to see him at all – moments, like those to be alone with my son, feel extra special. It is so precious because I can fully be present with him. Listening to him talking about Minecraft without worrying about work. It is really in the little things.

Although it was his first time in Bali and there were so many things to do there, I deliberately chose to pretty much stay in the hotel the whole time. I feel like it is important to make him happy this time around and his happiness is pretty simple. The chance of having a mother-son weekend getaway may not come very often so I wanted to make the most out of it. The whole time all we did was eating – swimming – eating – swimming and sleep. As simple as that!

Happiness is simple for children.

ā€œThis is the best day of my life!ā€ he repeatedly said while we were in Bali and my heart was full of love. All we did was swim and play by the beach. He spent so much time in the pool that he got so tanned – which I love, by the way – while me? I just got dark!

Ever since he was a baby, he has loved flying. Maybe because his father works with airplanes, plus his mother’s love to travel, he inherited that love of flying. In contrast, other kids cried on the plane from boredom or cabin pressure, not mine! When he was little, he used to cry when we landed. Why? He just loves flying. He was pouting so hard when we landed in Jakarta that I nearly giggled seeing him like that. Instead, I hugged him, and I assured him we would have another trip as soon as we could. I thanked him for being well-behaved too.

Although during our weekend getaway, just about everyone asked us way too personal things about how I have a mixed-race child (this can make for a whole new blog post) and made me uncomfortable, we ended up having a blast in our weekend getaway.

Have you ever had a vacation or getaway alone with your child? Do share your story.

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