Walk Slower, Mommy

Monday was another crazy day.

Million things to do at work…things to do for my family…

Pressures made me feels like I was being pulled in different directions at once.

I feel suffocated.

The stress, the pressures, I walked around with a lump in my throat again.

Mommy!!!” he threw his arms around me and gave me a kiss when I got home and although that helps taking my mind off of things that weighing me down, my heart is still heavy.

I sat down…

Can you please give Mommy a few minutes, Pumpkin? I’m exhausted.

He stood there right in front of me. Waiting for his mother to be mommy again.

Have you eat?” I asked him with a smile on my face. My boy is growing up way too fast.

No, I want chocolate bread, Mommy.” He gave me that look I can’t resist. My poor boy has been sick for the last few days and lost his appetite.

Turned out we don’t have any bread left, I asked him if he would like to walk with me to the store.

His whole face lit up and he jumped up and down saying “Yes, Mommy let’s go!” And he showered me with hugs and kisses. How can I not go?

So we walked to the nearby store. We hold hands, we talked.

He laughed…he asked me questions when he saw the little bats flying around.

He jumped over some puddles happily.

My heart felt a little lighter feeling that little hand holding mine, listening to his little chatters.

On our way back it got dark.

Then my brain started wondering off, remembering he still need to take a shower, he still need to have dinner, I still need to make sure my father’s visa applications are assembled correctly. Just thinking about it got me exhausted.

Not realizing it, I walked faster.

Walk slower, Mommy…

Walk Slower

That felt like a strong pull that halt me.

I’m sorry if I walk too fast, Pumpkin.” I smiled at him.

I like walking with you, Mommy.” His face beams. “I love it when we walk slower.

How bout that for some smack of reality? Coming from my 6 year old little teacher!

In that short walk he taught me to stay in the moment, to soak it all, to stop worrying about what tomorrow will bring, to enjoy looking up at the clouds and seeing the sky got darker.

Just to be there…to enjoy our alone time, to just be with him in the present. For all I know one day he will be too big to walk hand in hand with his Mommy. So last night, I decided to let go of my worries, to just stay with my boy and enjoy every minute we are blessed to spend together with.

Thank you my little man…thank you for your precious lesson.

stay in the moment

What lesson(s) have your children taught you lately?

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31 thoughts on “Walk Slower, Mommy

  1. Saundra Rohn Reply

    My daughter trying to be so many things for those you love can burden you down. Then an interrupted moment like this happens and God lifts that burden. You are an awesome mom❤
    Love you and missing you terribly!

  2. vanita Reply

    sounds like you had a wonderful night lady. your boy is just so super sweet and pretty darn smart.

  3. Mama Cassie Reply

    I love this post with all my heart. It’s so true. We as adults are always on the go, go, go that we need to remember to slow down sometimes. Oh God bless your little boy! ❤

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  5. Allie Reply

    What a lesson!! I could definitely slow my life down. Everyone says the time with the kids goes by so fast…and it DOES! That’s the best reason I have to “walk slower!” I’m starting today…

  6. Kim Reply

    What an incredible lesson from a 6 year old – love it and it’s a reminder I need a lot these days!!
    Have an incredible SITS Day!!!

  7. misssrobin Reply

    What a beautiful lesson. Thank you for sharing it with us. I often go too fast, too. I’ll try to remember to slow down a little bit more.

  8. Nicole Nenninger Reply

    What a heart-warming post! I like how your son pulls you back into the moment. I think kids are usually always in the moment and serve as good reminders on how to live life–in the moment, enjoying it, having fun, taking it less seriously, being creative, not being judgmental…I was a single mom for a few years and I know the overwhelm you go can go through. As soon as you start projecting into the future and attaching negative thoughts to the process…you’re on a path to frustration and overwhelm. I like to pay attention to my breathing when I am feeling this way and take 3 deep breaths. Then I remind myself that it will all get done–I’ve managed it in the past, and I can handle it now.

  9. Debbie Reply

    What a nice story! It is a blessing you hear the wisdom your son is giving you. We all need to truly enjoy each moment. Oh, and you are a good writer! I pop around to a lot of blogs and you have the talent…keep writing!

  10. Seana Turner Reply

    That was a beautiful post. I often say the same thing to my husband, who walks fast:) This is the kind of reminder that will stick with me – thank you for sharing!

  11. Aruna Reply

    Your little one sounds delightful!

    As a kids yoga teacher I’ve learned how to enjoy the moment from the kids. The children have so much joy to share.

  12. Ugochi Reply

    Wow! We really do need to slow down and be on same page with our children. I have learnt from my children that play should be part of life. I am coming by from SITS, enjoy your SITS day!

  13. Bev Reply

    It truly is amazing what children can teach us. I have a hard time staying in the moment, and now that I’m expecting my first child it is something I really want to be attentive to doing. Thank you for the reminder, and happy SITS day!

  14. Happysuz Reply

    What a great reminder! I love the photos too! We do get so caught up in all we have to do and the stress that we forget to take time to enjoy our little ones. Thanks! Happy SITS Day!

  15. Jennifer Kaufman Reply

    What a beautiful lesson! I get so overwhelmed with what needs done that I’ve had similar gut-wrenching lessons from my 5-year-old teachers. Thank you for the reminder to slow down!

  16. nikki Reply

    So sweet…and yes, before you know it he will be too grown up to hold hands. My son is 9 and I have to chase him down to get hugs now. What’s that saying? They’re on your feet for a little while but are on your heart forever. Slow down!

    I also loved that your mom commented. See? You’re still her baby too.


    visiting from Sits

  17. Renée ♥ Reply

    I needed that today. Our children grow up far too fast, and we all need that reminder from time to time. Really beautiful post. Thank you.

  18. Sarah Reply

    I love it when God talks to us through our children! My son constantly teaches me to slow down – especially at dinnertime. Thank you for sharing this, Maureen. If you’re ever looking for new recipes to try or DIY tutorials, I’d love for you to visit me at Domestic Femme! Happy SITS Day!!!

  19. Jean Lynd Reply

    As a mom to 4, with my oldest being 19 and having moved from Alabama all the way to San Diego…I almost teared up reading this. Oh, if I could just go back and walk slower with him. I try to make sure I do with the others. Happy SITS day!

  20. Jessica, Feed Me Dearly Reply

    Love the pics. I read an article recently that said that the two worst things to say to your child are “hurry up”- I do it all the time, but important to enjoy the little moments too. Visiting from the SITS site, hope you had a great spotlight day.

  21. Kim {Stuffed Suitcase} Reply

    Well written! How said it is that us mommies can get so busy worrying over what needs to be done or is coming up that we can miss what is happening right now. I think I’ll leave my computer and head down to give my pumpkins some love before it’s time for bed. 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

  22. Opi Reply

    aaaahh, Oyeeeen. sebel deh, bacanya jadi terharu gini, hahahaha. thank you for such a beautiful posting. thank you for the reminder :). hugs.

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