When 24 Hours Just Doesn’t Cut It Anymore

I’m still alive…drowning with work but alive…

Down and Out and Drowning (Explore)
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These past few weeks have been so overwhelming. All the stress and tensions from staying in the hospital last month up to earlier this month with my father has finally caught up with me. All the stress from work – from going solo because my colleague is on her leave and I have to tackle everything by myself really makes me feel exhausted. All the pressure to stay at my current job while I had signed up with a new one makes my head hurts. I hit the slump of feeling running on empty.

So much to juggle all at once…

Then the little ‘panic’ I got from realizing my time at my current job is drawing to a close and I still have so many loose end to ties-up while keeping the ‘regular’ workloads afloat causing me to work long hours. In the past week alone I had worked close to 65 hours. I.am.super.overwhelmed! Stress gives me daily stomachache and I’m just dying to get all these behind me.

Yes, I am moving to a new company starting the end of this month. I’m sad to leave my colleagues and friends but I’ve made up my mind.

This new job will require longer commute time as the office would be in downtown area but there will be much more commuting options from the bus to the train. I think I will go with the latter option.

Another set of panic attack was when it hits me that I don’t have that much of ‘formal’ working attires. Being spoiled by my office now, jeans became my best friend so I don’t wear my executive-secretary-style daily. The new job will requires me to dress formally from Monday – Thursday. So I’ve been slowly starting to buy key pieces items to wear. Not easy because I’m not your typical itty-bitty-Asian woman.

Breathe in breathe out…

Lately I told my best friend that I feel like I have no life whatsoever outside of just work & home. Rinse and repeat!

My long awaited trip to the small island of Rote has been cancelled due to my father’s health. He was still in hospitalized when I was scheduled to go so canceling it was the right thing to do. Besides, I wouldn’t feel right to go on a mini get-away while he’s sick.

Dating? What is that exactly? I’m just so not ready and not been interested in this department. Maybe later in the future.

Don’t even let me get started on the working mom’s guilt, for I have oh so plenty of them lately. Knowing that my son is the motor that keep me running through all these hurdle is what keeps me going.

Not easy for me to relax and take things easy with so much going on but I am trying. Thanks God for dear dear close friends who can still makes me laugh with their antics during these stressful few weeks.

Luckily there’s only 24 hours in a day if we have more then I’d probably be working even longer.

How do you manage a crazy schedule in your life? How do you find your “me-time”? 

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6 thoughts on “When 24 Hours Just Doesn’t Cut It Anymore

  1. Ima Reply

    Congratulations on your new job, Yen! Where in downtown? I work within Kuningan area, so if you’re within Jakarta Golden Triangle (Sudirman, Thamrin, Kuningan), may be we can have lunch together one of these days, eh?

  2. Sara Reply

    Congratulations on the new job. It is hard to find me time. With the whole car situation and my son just getting into preschool last week its hard. I feel like i am driving someone somewhere and not really being able to sit down and relax. ‘

    I hope it gets less stressful for you after you start your new job.

  3. Nami Reply

    I find the times we run into trouble, are the times we start looking at the past and the future, forgetting about the present. In the present, there is no right or wrong because what’s done is done and everything is meant to be. So cut yourself some slack. In fact, cut yourself A LOT of slack – ten years from now, you’ll not regret anything you’ve done. Trust me.

  4. Bicultural Mama Reply

    Congrats on your new job! As for stress, all you can do is tackle one thing at a time. If you look at everything as a whole it becomes overwhelming. Easier said than done, I know. Just chip away as much as you can, and this things will eventually get better – they always do.

  5. Ruth Reply

    Give yourself a pat on the back! It may be a trying time now and you’re feeling over-stretched but hey, you still manage to juggle everything! This time will pass and you’ve even got a new job waiting for you. That’s something to look forward to 🙂 Well, if need be, ask for help – from family members and friends. We are no super human beings and we all need help from time to time. For me, me-time only happens when everyone in the family is asleep. I take a deep breathe, let out all the stress and tiredness of the day, and then do some bits of things I enjoy, like reading or some nice relaxing music 🙂 Have a great week!

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