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Lil’ A had his first ever commercial audition for children’s formula yesterday. It all started when he was spotted by a Talent Agent while we were browsing at one of the local malls here last Saturday. She said they are looking for a little boy/girl age 1-3 years old to star in the formula’s commercial. At first I was a bit skeptical since the girl failed to provide us with a name card, claiming she’s out of them. She asked for my cell phone number and said she will get in touch with the schedule.

Both Mr. X and I thinks it is pretty funny that Lil’ A was spotted while we were at this ‘regular’ mall. A dear friend once said that most talent agents usually do their scouting at the big exclusive malls here.

Since we were pretty busy with moving into our new place, I didn’t even think about it. Come Sunday, the girl texted me and said they are having an audition on Sunday and Monday from 11:00 AM to 04:00 PM. She told us it will be for a TV commercial and printed ads, also mentioned was the agency’s fees of 25% from the contract values. After a brief discussion with Mr. X we both agreed to just give it a try, see how it goes.

Mr. X starts work again yesterday, I managed to drag my aunt to come a long for the audition. It took place in a regular house turned into an office somewhere in South Jakarta. We got there around 11:30 AM while there was another boy inside the audition ‘room’. Yeah, my aunt took a peek! LOL! The girl that we met was actually there, taping.  As we took a seat out in the porch we got to talked with another mom and her daughter who’s also a first timer. Soon Lil’ A was called in.

Audition | Scoops of Joy

One side of the wall in that room is covered with a gray carpet from top to bottom. There were two big lights across it, pretty much a similar setting for a photo shoot. Three people were there, one is that girl, and another guy in red shirt and glasses, third person is the photographer. A guy, one of the agency’s staff quickly asked for Lil’ A’s name and data (although I had written it all at the reception desk). He wrote it all down in a piece of laminated white paper and tried to have Lil’ A hold it in front of the video camera but that plan failed. At first Lil’ A hold it backwards and giggled when we told him he got it backwards LOL. So the guy who wrote it hold it for the camera.

Then they let Lil’ A just be himself, the guy with the glasses were playing ‘make-the-kiddos-laugh’ part LOL. He showed a red stuffed rabbit and Lil’ A was quickly amused, laughing but then he covered his face (something he’s been doing when he’s shy). The smart guy quickly changed his plans and say “Peek-a-boo!” and that got Lil’ A’s attention again. They played that while the tape rolling and photographer took pictures. It was pretty quick and easy. Lil’ A seemed to enjoy it and had fun being goofy with that guy.

We were then told that they shall get in touch if there’s any news. Lil’ A asked for his orange juice once we’re outside and I gave it to him with tons of praise for doing so well on his first commercial audition. Honestly, I was worried, nervous even that he might have a tantrum or got wrapped in his shyness in front of all those new people, like he’s been doing lately (so glad we’re over that phase where he screamed when he met strangers that talk to him!).

While waiting for him to finish his juice, we got to talked with another staff from the agency. She’s so smitten with Lil’ A, it was cute watching her trying to engaged as much as she can with him while he completely focused on drinking and just occasionally smiled shyly at her. My Aunt asked a lot of questions to her and she basically told us that they would submit all the videos and photographs of the children to their client who will then make the final decision. They basically are looking for a kid with a strong character. My aunt and I quickly looked at one another and laugh. Oh, he is a character, Lil’ Mister A!

We took the offer, we came to the audition without any expectations and we also left happily without any. It’s all fun experience for our little man. Whether he make it or not…it’s fine as I promised myself that I won’t turn into one of those crazy mothers who desperately wanted their kids to be famous.

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