First Week In A Glance

First week at my new job had flew by and I survived!

The Desk

The work itself has been great so far. Not too busy yet as I’m still trying to familiar myself with how the place runs but everyone has been really helpful and welcoming. I’m starting to follow the rhythm and dancing with the beat.

It gives me amazing feelings to be productive again after all these years. Actually, I was a bit wary about telling the HR Manager of my planned trip to Rote island next month. If only they can refund my money – which I’ve been paying since August – I would cancel the trip. The HR Manager was really cool about it and she told me to go but I need to tell the big boss first.

Turned out my big boss was super cool with that. He even asked where Rote is and what’s there to see. He asked me to take lots of pictures to share with him which of course I’d be doing. Being so new at the job, against all odds, he’s letting me go next month. I’ll be missing 1.5 days of work.

This is something that probably wouldn’t happen at any other company here, so big big thanks Boss!

Sadly we’ve hit a few rough spots at home, maybe it is normal for newly working mom with a toddler at home.

When it comes to Lil’ A’s new nanny, I’m pretty satisfied with how she handles everything when I’m not around. She care a lot for him, she have the patience dealing with a toddler and he took at her immediately unlike my first ‘helper’. With this one, I feel at ease leaving Lil’ A under her watch.

The boy has been really good while I’m not at home…that’s the report I got. But when I come home, it’s a different story. In picture perfect world, I thought I’d be greeted with big hugs and lots of kisses as I walked inside the house after a long day at work. That didn’t happen…

He would starts acting out and even threw a tantrum when I’m home. To my disappointment, but I guess it’s just a phase and I pray that it will go away soon. He still needs to adjust and so does his mommy. I miss him terribly when I’m at work and I feel guilty for getting upset when he’s acting out.

My schedule has changed too…

Officially, the office starts at 8am but being almost an OCD as I am, I must wake up at 4 (4:30 the latest!) every morning. Being rushed is something I hate so waking up this early means I will have time to myself. Sipping my first cup of coffee while checking my emails, at 5 I’d take a shower and starts to get ready. Call me crazy but this is how I’ve always been even long before Lil’ A was born and I was still working at my last job in Jakarta.

I would leave the house by 6:30 and get to work a little after 7. Traffic would be worst if I leave later than that.

We are working until 4pm from Monday – Friday because we work up until Saturday (for half a day!). On the third week, we’ll have Saturday off and we’re working until 5pm to cover the times.

I try to finish my job so I can come home on time but sometimes I’ll get last minutes tasks that needed to be done so I stay longer. On average, in the past week I’ll get home around 6:30 – 7:30pm. That’s about 12 hours that I’m away from Lil’ A.

Blogging activity has slowed down tremendously since I started working again. I really miss it! Maybe once when I get settled at the office I can blog hops again.

You, working moms do you has similar mommy-is-home-tantrums? How do you deal with them?

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26 thoughts on “First Week In A Glance

  1. liz Reply

    I’m so glad you got your first week down! And it sounds like the job is a great fit!

    Little A is just going through a transition. I’m sure it will get better with time.

  2. erica Reply

    It gets better! I know, I used to think my daughter would be all smiles when I got home too… she was more like ignoring me than anything!

    Kids love routine, and as soon as yours gets “routine” it will be better!

    • Maureen Post authorReply

      Thanks, Erica! The boy actually ignored me too some days ago but he is more clingy and wants me to do everything for him when I got home.

      I hope he’ll get use to our new routine pretty soon.

  3. beth aka confusedhomemaker Reply

    Congrats on the first week!!! And yep, I’ve dealt with the mommy is now home meltdowns or cranky behavior. It’s totally normal (according to all the child development books/research/what have you) & it DOES get easier. Set up a routine for when you get home that give the little one some downtime with you. And don’t worry it will get easier once you all settle in 🙂

    • Maureen Post authorReply

      Thanks, Beth! I send the nanny upstairs to her room to rest when I’m home, changed and try to spend some quality time with him.
      Thanks for sharing your own experience!

  4. Maria Reply

    Glad to hear that your first week went well. I am not a mom yet, but I studied child development. Lil’A reaction is very normal, he’s still adjusting to the new situation, just be there for him, and don’t retaliate. He is probably frightened that Mom is gone. And I agree that the more regular and consistent your habit is, the more he knows what to expect, the more secure he feels. Also, there is a big chance that the more calm you are when he is tantruming, the faster his emotion passes. Another to experiment with, may be he needs some consistent advance notice that you’ll be coming back, like a 5 minute call before you get home. Every children has different need though… Okay, enough of my two cents.., I love talking about children…

    • Maureen Post authorReply

      Maria, thanks so much! Really appreciate your take on this. That’s actually a great idea to call him before I get home and I’ve been implementing that since you commented. Some days he’s too busy playing he doesn’t want to talk on the phone but I told his nanny to tell him mommy will be home shortly. 🙂

  5. Diny Reply

    I’m so happy to hear that your work is very accomodating and not so uptight. Is it locally owned or foreigners, if I may ask? When I first started work here in the U.S., of course I didn’t have a maid/babysitter at home who look after my kids. They went to a daycare. My daughter didn’t have too much of a trouble adjusting but my son did. He’d cried and cried as soon as I dropped him off, it broke my heart. I felt so bad, I used to just ran back to his room and pick him up. The daycare provider nicely said to me that it’s confuding him more, and for me to ‘tough it up’ also. After almost 4 weeks (!) both the daycare and I almost gave up and I was ready to quit my job. all of the sudden, one morning, my son had stopped crying and getting better and better progressively. When I picked them up, they’re happy and sometimes couldn’t wait to tell me what kind of activities they had done.
    Perhaps, putting your son in a daycare would help since he’d interact with other kids and play/do activities?

    • Maureen Post authorReply

      Thanks Diny! It’s a joint company owned by both American and Australian companies so maybe that’s why it’s much more laid back but the work pace has picked up and now it’s a fast lane, baby! LOL! Ooooh you are one tough, mama for sure. It’s so hard leaving them when they threw a fit with screaming and crying isn’t? So glad to hear that I’m not alone. Thanks for sharing Din!
      He will start preschool next month – still waiting to hear when the school will officially move into their new building because the one they have now is rather small and already full.

  6. Pop Reply

    Way to go Maureen! As far as the tantrums, just know that they will get better. 🙂 The traffic though? Sorry. That usually only gets worse.

    • Maureen Post authorReply

      Thanks Pop! Yeah, I’m with you on the traffic but I’m so glad it doesn’t take me more than an hour to get home or else I’d be crazy lol

  7. Mrs.Mayhem Reply

    Congrats on your first week!

    It sounds like you son is behaving like a normal kid. Whenever anything, however slight, changes in their lives, kids need to retest all of the boundaries. Hope he settles down soon.

    • Maureen Post authorReply

      Thanks Mrs. Mayhem!

      I think you’re right, we both have to settles down to our new routines. He did have a meltdown this morning (Saturday here) because he woke up and saw me getting ready for work. It was so hard leaving the house with him screaming and crying for his mommy. 🙁

  8. Booyah's Momma Reply

    I went through little stages like that with the kids when I transitioned back to work. I understand the guilt, too; it’s a transition for both of you, and I’ve no doubt it will iron itself out in good time.

    Glad you are getting into the swing of things with your job; sounds like your boss is pretty cool. And they’re lucky to have you.

    • Maureen Post authorReply

      Thanks, Booyah’s Momma! Glad to hear that I’m not the only one going through this stage. 😀

  9. BLOGitse Reply

    Well done!
    After three months you feel working there all you life and your son is used to your weekly routine.
    I thought I was early bird but never got up at four! But I understand. Better to have slow and easy start, without stress, a very good habit.
    Remember to say no when necessary. If you give your little finger soon they’ll take your whole hand.
    Have a great weekend!

    • Maureen Post authorReply

      Thank you, lady! Really appreciate your support!
      I’m starting to see some office politics going on but I’m just going to slough through and do my job right and try to stay out of them.

  10. Unplanned Cooking Reply

    As our early childhood teacher told us, “Your children give you their best – and their worst.” I always remind myself of that when our teachers rave about how easy our children are :).

  11. gigi Reply

    Glad to hear your boss was so flexible. Sounds like you’re settling in pretty well and navigating the bumps that come with any transition. We just miss you in bloggyland though! 🙂

    • Maureen Post authorReply

      He seems to be the type that expect everyone to do their job right and not he treats his people fairly. Can you believe he just paid for his driver to fly to Australia to see the driver’s daugther? I am impressed!

      I have missed you too so much! Hoping to resume a normal blogging schedule and more visits to my bloggy friends.

      Thanks, Gigi!

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