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I haven’t blog about it here but many many years ago, back when I was still in college I spent a couple of months behind the microphone.

No, I’m not a singer!

Don’t get your hopes up!


I went home to where my parents used to live in a small mining town hidden far within the jungle of East Borneo when I got the offer.

Hey, do you want to be on the radio?

And I went “What???

Yeah, it’s a small radio. Run by employees of the company and we are so new we don’t even have any commercial. It’s a volunteer kinda thing.

Before I knew it, I agreed to come and checked out the small studio.

That was my first brush up with broadcasting world and guess what? I loved every bit of my shows back then. Yeah, I ended up co-hosting their most popular show in the evening.

My father used to a radio DJ so maybe it does run in the family? Or maybe because I just love to talk too much? Hah!

Psst…that’s how my parents met actually. They fell in love on the radio! But that’s for another blog post.

That was the first and the last time I got involved in broadcasting until last week…

After receiving a very interesting email, I agreed to be interviewed by Overseas Radio. The segment is called Gateway to Asia.

We did the interview through Skype and were pre-recorded last Sunday. Me? I was nervous as hell! I haven’t do anything like this ever before and when I get nervous my English seems to be escaping my brain.

The host, Ayn is really cool and fun to talk with. She’s so reassuring too! Thanks, girly! Pleasure to connect and have the chit-chat with you.

Anyway it will air on Thursday, April 11, 2013 at 11am – 12pm EST (that’s Thursday night 10pm Jakarta time). Just go to their website and click on the big red button on the top right side. A pop up window will open and voila…you get to hear me!

Please do excuse how nervous and if it sounds like I was mumbling.

They will put an archive for the interview a few days later in case you miss it. Thank you for listening!

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