Maybe One Day He Will

It’s Mommy’s birthday today?” his pointy little curls framed his face as he looked up from his Nintendo DS and asked me that question.

Yes it is.” I smiled at him confirming what one of his uncles already told him this morning before school.

OK…” he mumbles and focused on his game some more and I busied myself plucking my eyebrows away.

Here Mommy…it’s your cake!” Turned out he was busy drawing me a tiny little cake on his Nintendo DS.

Thank you, Alex…” my heart was swollen with love “You got 3 candles for Mommy too. How sweet!

Wait, let me draw you your present…

Inside your present is a baby, Mommy!” His big eyes widened with excitement and my heart crack a little. He proudly showed me his masterpiece and he even tried to wrote “Mommy“.

Aww….do you want a baby brother or a baby sister?” I pulled him into my lap this time.

Baby brother!” he didn’t even blink and answered me full force.

That’s sweet…but Mommy can’t have a baby right now. Maybe someday, OK?” Planted a kiss on his soft hair inhaling his sweet smell.

Mommy will give baby a bottle…” he drew a bottle…he continued talking about this baby as if he didn’t hear what I said before.

I have to find toys for baby!” He jumped down from our bed and fumble through his toys shelves. “Can baby play with this, Mommy?” A tank was on his hand.

That’s big boy’s toy…baby can’t play with a tank. Maybe find something else?

How bout this one…or this one…or this one…” He went on and on and pretty much took all toys he have in the shelves out asking for my approval.

Alex…come here…

He came and sat on my lap again where I just wrap my arms around him, my mind wonders and worried he might be asking more questions.

Are you sure you want a baby brother or sister?” I kissed his cheek and he giggled.

Yes, Mommy.” That little head nodded and again there’s a pang in my heart.

Alex, one day you will have one or maybe two…but Mommy can’t tell you when that will be.  Can you wait?

When, Mommy?” his beautiful brown eyes demanded my answers and again my brain rattles trying to find the right ones to satisfy him.

When God is ready to give you a little brother or little sister. Mommy can’t tell you when because it will be a surprise.

Oh…I ask Jesus for a baby then…

Just like that, he stop asking and I squeezed my baby a little tighter, kissed him plenty and I thank God for this little man in my life.

Maybe one day he will get what he wished for.

If you are divorced/married, have your child ever ask to have another sibling(s)? How did you handle it?

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12 thoughts on “Maybe One Day He Will

  1. Kimberly Reply

    First of all Happy Birthday!!!
    I didn’t even know.
    My son hates the idea of another child. We ask HIM and he freaks out. My best friend will bring over her baby and he’ll be wonderful with him. But the minute you say we are keeping him, he freaks out.
    I guess he loves being #1 😉
    Your boy is so sweet and his heart really shines. He’ll be an amazing brother someday. And you? You’ll find that wonderful man you deserve.

    • Maureen Post authorReply

      Thank you Kimberly, very sweet of you! 🙂
      Aww your son is too cute! I think that is normal too since he is #1. My son have two half brothers from his dad’s first marriage – and another one coming up soon so maybe that’s what really prompt the ‘baby request’ who knows but it really was one of those moments where it caught me off guard.

  2. Nami Reply

    That is the best birthday card, ever! Happy Birthday. And I do hope one day you’ll find the life that adds to your already big-hearted family. Love your little guy – he is SOOOO sweet!

  3. Emmy Reply

    First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY again dear, hope you have a wonderful one. Prayer for you and Alex , May All your wishes and dreams come true, Amen.

  4. Annette Reply

    First of all, happy birthday!

    My son used to ask when he was about the same age as yours is now and I simply told him that I wouldn’t even try to have another baby unless I was married. He waited. Kids understand more than we give them credit for.

    • Maureen Post authorReply

      Thank you Annette 🙂

      Thank you for sharing your own experience. That’s a really good answer and I should’ve said something that smart! 😀 Will definitely remember that one the next time he ask.

  5. Vanita Reply

    Happy Belated Birthday my friend! love and hugs to you. i remember clearly when i divorced and it was just me and my little girls and they brightened everyday. kids are a blessing and i’m so glad you have that little boy.

    • Maureen Post authorReply

      Thank you so much my sweet awesome friend!
      Yes our kids really does makes it all worth while isn’t? Even when we were in hell their love never cease.

  6. Bicultural Mama Reply

    Happy Birthday! So sweet he drew you birthday pictures. I think you handled his questions well. You can’t promise him anything right now, but like you said, maybe someday!

    • Maureen Post authorReply

      Thank you Maria.
      Yes, he had stop asking but I should really come up with a better answer next time 😉

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