Winter Baby No More!

Winter Baby No More

Puzzled! Yes, that’s how I feel lately…you see, Lil’ A was a winter baby. Born 5 weeks early on December 7, 2006. He was a hardcore winter baby meaning the cold weather never used to bother him! When we were in China, living in an apartment that doesn’t have a central heating system and winter time was pretty mean he would still be a-okay-wondering around inside with just a shirt while his Mommy bundled up with thick sweater and socks.

Well not anymore! Lately he will tell me he’s cold even just riding in a car with the Air Con fully blasting.

Could it be he had adjusted to the icky-hot-humid-weather of Indonesia that drives his Mommy nuts? Btw, this boy never have heat rashes even with all his running around half naked around his Oma’s house. Occasionally he’ll have diaper pull-ups rash on his tiny bums but no heat rashes like his Mommy always suffer. Maybe he did adjusted, after-all, he’s always guzzled down more watered-down orange juice than anyone can ever imagine that’s why my family calls him a walking ‘jet-pump’ (what Indonesians calls a pumping water machine).

Where did my winter baby go…I have no idea but one thing for sure is Mommy will have to start carrying a sweater for him just for the rides in car/taxi.

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8 thoughts on “Winter Baby No More!

    • Maureen Reply

      Thank you Heather, I know it’s amazing he never seems to be bothered with the weather or maybe that’s just a toddler thing LOL.

    • Maureen Reply

      Hello there, awww thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. I’m following your great blog too. Love it! 😀

  1. Alex Reply

    What wonderful travels you have. I’m sure he’ll adjust soon enough, what a cutie!

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